First Look: Lou Diamond Phillips Is a Dad With Issues on 'You're the Worst'

Marisa Roffman
Byron Cohen/FXX

YOU'RE THE WORST - Pictured (l-r): Lou Diamond Phillips, Janet Varney as Becca, Kether Donohue as Lindsay.

Talk about daddy issues. On the November 1 episode of You’re the Worst, sisters Lindsay (Kether Donohue) and Becca (Janet Varney) track down their absentee father figure Lou Diamond Phillips—portraying a fictionalized version of himself—to find out why he ditched their family in the ’90s.

“I can say that the small-screen LDP has little resemblance to the real LDP—I get a kick out of how random and far afield we’ve been able to go,” Phillips says. “Although I do share a passion for citrus with my alter ego!”

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Free lemonade aside, the biggest perk of the guest-starring gig was getting to lean into his comedy chops. “The script was absolutely hilarious, so it took quite an effort to keep a straight face,” Phillips says. “And it made my day to make Kether and Janet, a couple of comedy pros, crack up.”

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