Sneak Peek: Chicago Fire's Casey Hangs on From a Death-Defying Height (VIDEO)

Ileane Rudolph

Sure we enjoy the firehouse drama—who’s romancing who, who’s pissing off who—but to our mind, what keeps Chicago Fire on top of the ratings is the rush of the rescue drama: watching our guys rush into a burning building to rescue a kid, get passengers out of a derailed train before it explodes or, like in this exclusive clip, hang by one arm from an truck teetering over an overpass guard rail.

Here’s a first look at next Tuesday's episode, "A Taste of Panama City," in which the truck and squad of Firehouse 51 unite to save the drivers of an armored vehicle and the car that caused the accident. Look for some cool derring-do from Lt. Casey (Jesse Spencer) as he holds on for dear life.

Make sure to watch the full ep on Tuesday, Oct. 20 at 10/9c on NBC.