The Newest Colony Trailer: Things Get Very Tense in Los Angeles (VIDEO)

Ileane Rudolph

If someone from the future watched a season or two of current TV shows, they’d think the U.S. was a mess of serial killers, zombies, vampires and invaders—often of the alien variety—like USA's upcoming Colony.

For Colony, Josh Holloway reunited with his Lost producer Carlton Cuse, who also executive produces the new show. The show is set in Los Angeles some time in the near future when the city has been occupied. Who these occupiers are (be they of the alien variety or not) is, so far, a mystery.

Holloway stars as a former FBI agent who, together with his wife (played by The Walking Dead's Sarah Wayne Callies), must decide how much they will collaborate with these occupiers to finding their missing young son back.

Here’s a first look at the new trailer that will start running on USA this Friday. Colony premieres in April 2016 on USA Network.

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