Late Night Rewind: Julianne Moore and John Stamos Act Out Taylor Swift Lyrics (VIDEO)


Late Night Rewind recaps the best moments from after-hours television. Here’s what you missed the night of Monday, October 5.

The Late Late Show (CBS)

James Corden convinced Julianne Moore and John Stamos to act out a soap opera using Taylor Swift lyrics.

Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC)

Cate Blanchett revealed she got her son Ignatius’ name from Captain Underpants. No, really.

Late Show (CBS)

And Stephen Colbert took a lie detector test.

Tester: Are you a comedian?
Colbert: Yes. Unless "no" is a funnier answer.
Tester: Do you work for CBS?
Colbert: "Work" is a strong word.

This video includes images from Getty Images.