Late Night Rewind: Trump and Colbert Role Play a Convo About the Border Wall (VIDEO)


Late Night Rewind recaps the best moments from after-hours television. Here’s what you missed the night of Tuesday, September 22:

Late Show (CBS)

Donald Trump revealed how he would convince Mexico to build a wall along its border by role playing with Stephen Colbert.

"We are going to build a wall," said Trump. "You are gonna pay for the wall. We have been abused for a long time at the border."

Conan (TBS)

Now, Sharon Osbourne likes Donald Trump as a person. But if he actually becomes president…

“I would be terrified, because he’s a narcissist. He just is, he knows that about himself. I mean, he’s got such a quick, fiery temper. It’s like 'Whoa! No way,'” Sharon said.

Tonight Show (NBC)

And Jimmy Fallon did his best Lucious Lyon Empire impression.

This video includes images from Getty Images.