Late Night Rewind: Jake Gyllenhaal Reveals Hollywood's Best-Kept Secret (VIDEO)


Late Night Rewind recaps the best moments from after-hours television. Here’s what you missed the night of Tuesday, September 15.

Late Show (CBS)

Jake Gyllenhaal revealed the best-kept secret in Hollywood.

“What people don’t know is, everybody in Hollywood just lives in the same house," said Jake Gyllenhaal. "That’s why we’re all so nice to each other. It’s why we all love each other so much, and everybody's so great, because we all live in the same house.”

“That’s why you can bring your characters home, because everybody goes, ‘Oh, he’s just playing a psychopath right now, it’s fine,’” said Stephen Colbert.

“Yeah, exactly!” replied Jake.

Watch What Happens Live (Bravo)

Next, Ciara explained her celibacy pact with Russell Wilson using baseball terms.

Tonight Show (NBC)

And Jimmy Fallon and Robert De Niro swapped impressions.

This video includes images from Getty Images and music from Revolution Void / CC BY 3.0.