Late Night Rewind: Craig Ferguson Can't Get Over Shoes That Look Like Feet (VIDEO)


Late Night Rewind recaps the best moments from after-hours television. Here’s what you missed the night of Thursday, September 10.

Watch What Happens Live (Bravo)

Craig Ferguson is NOT a fan of shoes that look like feet.

“You want to impress me? You have feet that look like shoes. That is a way to look smart and save money at the same time,” Craig Ferguson said. “Nothing says I’m a fan of Phish and The Grateful Dead than shoes that look like feet.”

Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC)

Next, Johnny Depp admitted to falling asleep while watching himself in his new movie Black Mass.

Late Show (CBS)

And Joe Biden shared a few words about his late son, Beau Biden.

“You know, my dad had an expression. He used to say, ‘You know you’re a success as a parent when you turn and look at your child and realize they turned out better than you.’ I was a hell of a success; my son was better than me.”

This video includes images from Getty Images and music from Revolution Void / CC BY 3.0.