Exclusive Clip: Camp Cutthroat Battles Over Pork and Beans (VIDEO)


Forget campfire singalongs and friendship bracelets, when Camp Cutthroat opens its doors tonight, the only thing that will be on contestants' minds will be sabotage.

The five-episode special series, which is the cooking competition show Cutthroat Kitchen but set in the great outdoors, sees host Alton Brown take on the role of head counselor as he oversees 12 chefs (all former Cutthroat Kitchen alumni) who will be competing against each for the grand prize of $75,000.

To make matters worse, the contestants not only have to worry about delivering a great dish, but they'll also have to deal with the camp-inspired sabotages their fellow chefs might spring on them, which could be anything from using a canteen to cook to battling each other in the camp lake.

Can't wait for tonight's first episode? Watch the exclusive clip above to get a taste of one of the food challenges.

Camp Cutthroat, Wednesdays, 9/8c, Food Network.