Ex-FIFA official responds to ‘comedian fool’ John Oliver

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Ex-FIFA official responds to “comedian fool” John Oliver
Disgraced former FIFA official Jack Warner has posted a video response (set to dramatic music) to the four-minute ad that Oliver purchased on Trinidad TV. “I don’t need any advice from any comedian fool who doesn’t know anything about this country to tell me what files to release and not release,” he says. Warner also blasted his local TV station for allowing “an American foreigner to come into this country and embarrass its citizens, embarrass our people, be critical of the way we speak, of the way we look, to be critical of our culture.”

Hulu is building a real-life version of Seinfeld‘s apartment in NYC
The re-creation of the iconic Upper West Side apartment in NYC will help launch Seinfeld on Hulu on June 24. The apartment, featuring interactive elements, will be open to the public for five days.

Fuller House is casting for Danny Tanner’s much-younger African-American wife
The Netflix Full House reboot is also seeking to cast Fernando, Kimmy’s “inappropriately passionate” ex-husband.

Report: Melissa Rivers will take over her mom’s spot on Fashion Police
According to the NY Daily News, E! execs felt that Rivers was the only logical panel moderator following the departure of Kathy Griffin.

Why Letterman’s clips vanished from YouTube: CBS no longer owns the copyright
The Late Show have now reverted to Letterman’s production company, Worldwide Pants, which has yet to comment of if they’ll return.

What made this week’s Game of Thrones death disturbing was its real-life plausibility
As Spencer Kornhaber explains: “Few things I’ve seen in a work of fiction have distilled all these ideas about power and violence and human nature so clearly while reminding of as many real world atrocities as Shireen’s demise has. It frightens not because it’s fantasy but because, in some deep way, it’s familiar.”

The Vampire Diaries is bringing back Annie Wersching
Lily Salvatore will return for a major arc next season.

Empire wants a female teen rapper for Season 2
The Fox series is casting for a “moody, outspoken” teenage rapper.

Late Night with Seth Meyers is positioning itself as the go-to place for politicos and presidential candidates
With David Letterman retired and Jon Stewart leaving soon, Meyers hopes to fill the void of interviewing politicians in late-night. “This was always sort of the plan,” he says. “The only way any of us can approach this is by playing to our strengths.”

Fear The Walking Dead will contain clues to The Walking Dead
“Everything that happens in Fear The Walking Dead is in the same universe as The Walking Dead,” says Robert Kirkman. “So any rule that we find out and anything they see in the early days is definitely something that was happening in the past of the other show.

Maggie Smith on why she’s glad to be done with Downton Abbey: “To tell you the truth, the corsets are agony”
“It’s not riotously funny to be in corsets and a wig,” she says.

TV dramas may be testing the limits of memory with complex storylines and so many characters
Are dramas overtaxing their audiences’ brains with crowded character ensembles?

With 4 weeks to go, Hannibal Buress’ Comedy Central show hasn’t figured out its format
Buress says of his new show, Why? With Hannibal Buress: “It will have filmed pieces, some monologue, some sketches. But it doesn’t have to be any of that. The format is not set—but we’ll figure it out.”

True Detective Season 2 is like Oedipus Rex
“The detective is searching and searching and searching, and the culprit is him,” says creator Nic Pizzolatto, the subject of a new Vanity Fair profile.

Matthew McConaughey’s older brother Rooster lands a CNBC reality show
Rooster McConaughey’s West Texas Investors Club is one of three new CNBC reality shows. It’s described as “Shark Tank for Real America.” The other reality shows are Make Me a Millionaire Inventor and Blue Collar Millionaires.

Transparent campaigning for an Emmy via flash mob
This morning, a group of Transparent fans (and/or employees) showed their support for the Amazon series outside Variety’s Santa Monica Blvd headquarters.

CNN revisits The Seventies
The Tom Hanks-produced The Seventies: One Nation Under Change, a follow-up to last year’s The Sixties, begins tonight.

Here’s your first look at AMC’s Into the Badlands
Daniel Wu as a well-trained warrior on a journey in this six-episode series from Smallville’s showrunners.

Heroes Reborn will be accompanied by a own comic book series
The first five issues will tell the origin story of one of the new characters.

Watch Queer as Folk’s reunion panel
The Showtime series celebrated a 10-year reunion at Austin’s ATX TV Festival.

Mindy Kaling explains where The Mindy Project on Hulu will kick off
“We are going to pick up where we left off,” she says of the Season 4 premiere, “but we do do some big jumps in the first episode because Danny’s in India. So it’s kind of the biggest cliffhanger we’ve ever done.” PLUS: Season 4 will be split into two 13-episode chapters.

Last Comic Standing tour tickets go on sale 1 month before the season premiere
Season 9 doesn’t kick off until July 22, but you can already buy tickets to see the finalists live.

CMT gets into the late-night game tonight with The Josh Wolf Show
Wolf is the latest comedian to star in his own late-night cable show.