A Long Island Wife Pumps Gas For the First Time on Secrets and Wives (VIDEO)

Gregory E. Miller
Mathieu Young/Bravo

Secrets & Wives

In the premiere of Secrets and Wives, Bravo's new reality show about Long Island's wealthy women, it seemed likely the show's breakout is Liza Sandler. An over-the-top piece of work, she not only hosted something called a pre-prom party, but also broke down crying after a phone call from her ex (whom she admitted she cheated on). It appears she'll continue to shine in the series' second episode, airing Tuesday night at 10/9c, when she apparently pumps gas for the first time. In this exclusive clip, Liza's live-in pal Andi Black barely contains herself as Liza tries to figure out the plebeian task. What a woman!

Secrets and Wives, Tuesdays, 10/9c, Bravo