Matt Looks for His Next Project in 'Episodes' Season 5 Trailer


Showtime has released a trailer for the fifth and final season of its comedy, Episodes.

The series—in which actor Matt LeBlanc plays a fictionalized version of himself—will return Aug. 20. This week's video preview shows him trying to find the perfect project after successfully hosting a game show.

Matt LeBlanc's Episodes earns a fifth season

Matt LeBlanc's Episodes earns a fifth season

The Showtime comedy resumes filming in 2016.

"Several months have passed and the game show hosted by Matt is now a runaway hit," a press release announcing the trailer said Thursday. "Unfortunately for Matt, this means his years as an actor are completely forgotten. Sean [played by Stephen Mangan] and Beverly played by Tamsin Greig] are equally miserable. Sean's loathsome ex-partner is now in charge of their new series, The Opposite of Us, and Sean and Beverly must now endure his utter lack of humor or talent as they watch him slowly destroy their show."

The cast also includes John Pankow, Kathleen Rose Perkins and Mircea Monroe.

By Karen Butler

Originally published in UPI Entertainment News.