First Look: New Colony Trailer, Plus Secrets From the Show's Comic-Con Lost Reunion

Michael Schneider
Ryan Condal, Carlton Cuse, Josh Holloway, Sarah Wayne Callies, Peter Jacobson

(from left) Colony executive producer and co- creator Ryan Condal, executive producer and co-creator Carlton Cuse, actors Josh Holloway, Sarah Wayne Callies, and Peter Jacobson

Reunited and it feels so good: Former Losties Josh Holloway and Carlton Cuse were back together once again on a Comic-Con stage, this time for USA's new alien thriller ColonyCuse is executive producer, along with Ryan Condal (Hercules).

Holloway stars as a former FBI agent Will Bowman, who's forced to cooperate with the occupying leaders when an alien force takes over (and divides Los Angeles into various colonies). Sarah Wayne Callies plays Bowman's wife, Katie, who is a part of a resistance team. (Which will probably make homelife awkward.)

House alum Peter Jacobson, who plays the evil Alan Snyder, was on stage at the Friday afternoon panel as well. The producers also revealed several guest stars for season 1, including Kathy Baker, Carl Weathers, Paul Guilfoyle (CSI) and Kathleen Rose Perkins (Episodes).

Cuse, of course, executive-produced Lost with Damon Lindelof, which starred Holloway as con-man Sawyer. Adding to the Lost reunion vibe, Nestor Carbonell, who played the mysterious Richard Alpert, even made a guest appearance. Waiting in line in disguise, Carbonell jokingly asked Cuse something that remains a source of debate among Lost fans: "Were they all dead the whole time?" Cuse replied, "No, they were not all dead the whole time. They were all alive--and they all led lives on the island--and they all died sometime later, okay?"

Nestor Carbonell in disguise

A surprise appearance by Nestor Carbonell. He appeared in disguise and asked a question to Carlton Cuse about "Lost" in the cue.

Holloway then joked that the questioner looked familiar--which is when Carbonell took off his disguise. But he continued in character as Alpert, saying, "I didn’t die then, I didn’t die afterwards, I didn’t die ever! So what do you say to that?! I’d also love to know who was in that other outrigger." Hilarity ensued--and, yes, a reference to Carbonell's eyeliner was made (again, for the record, he has long eyelashes but doesn't wear eyeliner). Carbonell, of course, also stars in Cuse's A&E drama Bates Motel.

Also, Holloway joined Instagram (@officialjoshholloway), live on stage, for the first time.

Fans were then treated to an extended 11-minute clip from the pilot of Colony.  Here's a new trailer for the show, which premieres later this fall on USA Network.