The Night Shift Brings in Trace Adkins, Michelle Obama for Real Talk on Veterans' Mental Health (VIDEO)

Amanda McGrath

Tonight's episode of The Night Shift puts veterans' health front and center with some help from a set of A-list guest stars: country king Trace Adkins, First Lady Michelle Obama, and Jill Biden.

Adkins appears as Col. Elwood "Smalls" Green, a therapy leader for TC's (Eoin Macken) veterans group. It's a fitting appearance for Adkins, who serves as a spokesman for the Wounded Warrior Project in real life. Smalls offers real talk to guys at San Antonio Memorial when Topher (Ken Leung) is adamant about being dropped into a combat zone to help a friend with a deadly heart condition, despite warnings from Smalls and concerns from TC and Drew (Brendan Fehr). "I've made up my mind, I'm going," Topher says.

The show may be fiction, but Obama and Biden (joined by Macken and cast members Jill Flint and Robert Bailey Jr.) make a very real appeal for getting mental health services to American troops overseas and returned veterans.

The Night Shift, Mondays, 10/9c, NBC