'Fear the Walking Dead:' Danay Garcia Talks Season 3 Challenges for Luciana and Nick

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Fear The Walking Dead: Danay Garcia as Luciana

Danay Garcia says her heroine Luciana and Frank Dillane's recovering drug addict Nick will face myriad challenges now that they've left the relative safety of their compound La Colonia on Fear the Walking Dead.

"Now we are really on the road," the 32-year-old Cuban actress told UPI in a recent phone interview.

'Fear the Walking Dead' Star Colman Domingo on Season 3: 'Every Situation Is Life or Death Now'

'Fear the Walking Dead' Star Colman Domingo on Season 3: 'Every Situation Is Life or Death Now'

'It’s also echoing things that people are dealing with in our modern times — especially about what it means to be a refugee,' Domingo says of the 'Walking Dead' spinoff's new season.

"And we are at the mercy of a new place to stay and, obviously, that new place has new rules and new ways to survive and new ways to deal with the dead and new ways to deal with each other and that is really challenging," she explained. "Because we have to accommodate and adjust and we are a group of people. We are going to disagree or we might not agree or we might agree. Everybody has these different perspectives to deal with these situations and circumstances and that is what I can tell you. Things are going to change a lot. ... That's the franchise, too. You are always thrown into a new land, a new place with new people. "

Since the characters are always on the move, the number of storytelling possibilities is "massive," she said.

"Mexico is so diverse," Garcia noted. "We've been in the city. We've been in the desert and now you are going to see where we are going to go. Yeah, [the opportunities] are endless. I want to go to the pyramids! I want to end up in the pyramids and see what happens, to explore that. There's so much to explore and so much to kind of go deeper into. Mexico has everything for that."

'Fear the Walking Dead' Renewed for Season 4

'Fear the Walking Dead' Renewed for Season 4

Even before Season 3 premieres, a fourth round is ordered by AMC.

Co-starring Cliff Curtis, Kim Dickens and Alycia Debnam-Carey, Season 3 of the West Coast, zombie-apocalypse drama is to begin Sunday.

By Karen Butler

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