'Castlevania' Teaser: Netflix Brings Video Game to Life in New Animated Series (VIDEO)


May 25 (UPI) -- Netflix has turned classic video game franchise Castlevania into a new animated series that is set to debut on the streaming service July 7.

A teaser trailer for Castlevania released Wednesday, begins with a cartridge of the game being inserted into a Nintendo Entertainment System to boot up an old-school version of Netflix's streaming software complete with options to view House of Cards and Narcos among other shows.

Netflix Releases Teaser for 'Dark Crystal' Prequel Series (VIDEO)

Netflix Releases Teaser for 'Dark Crystal' Prequel Series (VIDEO)

The 10-episode prequel will be directed by Louis Leterrier and is set 'many years' before the film's events.

"There is a darkness upon the land. A savior is needed," a voiceover notes as the clip begins by showing a mysterious castle and a desolate land filled with skeletons.

A hero then arrives using the series' signature whip weapon who announces himself as "The man who killed Dracula."

"Inspired by the classic video game series, Castlevania is a dark medieval fantasy following the last surviving member of the disgraced Belmont clan, trying to save Eastern Europe from extinction at the hand of Vlad Dracula Tepes himself," reads the synopsis.

Castlevania is being produced by Adi Shakar (Dredd, The Grey), and is written by comic book writer Warren Ellis.

By Wade Sheridan

Originally published in UPI Entertainment News.