What’s Worth Watching: The Walking Dead: Home Is Where the Horror Is

The Walking Dead
Gene Page/AMC
The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead, “Conquer” (Sunday, March 29, 9/8c, AMC)

Will Sheriff Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his weary band of survivors ever find a place they can truly call home? At the end of last week’s episode, it surely seemed he’d outstayed his welcome, when he took his savage fight with wife-abusing Pete (Corey Brill) out into the suburban streets of Alexandria, where town leader Deanna (the terrific Tovah Feldshuh) made it clear that Rick’s “If you don’t fight, you die” anthem won’t play in this community.

The strong second half of a grueling fifth season comes to an end with an extended 90-minute episode in which the fallout from Rick’s violent meltdown (cut short by a surprise sucker punch from Michonne) will likely expose even more disturbing cracks in Alexandria’s deceptively serene domestic veneer. And outside the walls of Alexandria, what fresh hell will Daryl (Norman Reedus) encounter on his latest run? Sometimes zombies are the least of their problems.