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ABC Confirms 'Roseanne' Return, Says Both Becky Actresses Will Be Back

ABC’s "Roseanne" stars Michael Fishman as DJ Conner, Sara Gilbert as Darlene Conner, Roseanne Barr as Roseanne Conner, Alicia Goranson as Becky Conner, John Goodman as Dan Conner and Laurie Metcalf as Jackie Harris.

The classic sitcom Roseanne is getting an eight-episode, sequel series on ABC.

Returning in 2018 will be Roseanne Barr as Roseanne, John Goodman as Dan, Sara Gilbert as Darlene, Laurie Metcalf as Jackie, Michael Fishman as D.J. and Lecy Goranson as Becky.

Sarah Chalke, who played the character of Becky in numerous episodes, will also appear in another role.

Laurie Metcalf on 'Roseanne' Revival: 'I Am Hoping That It Happens'

Laurie Metcalf says 'everything is in place' for a 'Roseanne' revival, but she doesn't know when or where it might air.

"The Conners' joys and struggles are as relevant—and hilarious—today as they were then, and there's really no one better to comment on our modern America than Roseanne," Channing Dungey, president of ABC Entertainment, said in a statement Tuesday.

Roseanne initially ran for nine seasons 1988-97.

By Karen Butler

Originally published in UPI Entertainment News.