TURN: Washington's Spies Brings in a Traitor for Season 2 (VIDEO)

Amanda McGrath
Antony Platt/AMC

Turn Season 2

America's first spies are getting back to business: TURN: Washington's Spies, AMC's historical drama about the Revolutionary War-era operatives known as the Culper Ring, returns for Season 2 on April 13. In the behind-the-scenes preview below, the cast and creators offer a sneak peek and promises of intrigue and action in its sophomore year:

The espionage gets espionagier with Abe Woodull (Jamie Bell) fully committed to the cause. Wife Mary's discovery of his secret double life and his murder of a British soldier in the Season 1 finale means no more waffling. "He's no longer the reluctant spy, but he is the spy who's doubled down, he's going to do anything it takes," says executive producer Craig Silverstein.

Season 2 is expanding globally--the action moves to Philadelphia and London--and growing its cast with the addition of America's No. 1 Traitor, Benedict Arnold (Owayn Yeoain.) "He's so damned by his reputation in history as being sort of perceived one-dimensionally as a traitor, and I think there's always so much more to anyone than just a black-and-white picture," says Yeoain. Indeed, the infamous turncoat started out with a reputation for wartime heroics -- something hinted at last season. But while he may be arriving as part of Team Revolution, the introduction of Peggy Shippen (Ksenia Solo), the woman history alleges might have turned him to betrayl, is a likely sign that moral compromise is ahead.