Mad Men Celebrity Tributes Take Us Down Memory Lane

Oriana Schwindt
Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

Mad Men Season 7 cast

We're about a month out from the beginning of the end of Mad Men (or the middle of the end, depending on how you view AMC's splitting of the show's seventh and final season). Along with a splashy Oscars ad, the network has released a big pile of tributes to Don Draper and Co. You can make your way through all 19 here, but these five are our favorites.

Sarah Silverman

Maggie Siff's portrayal of department store heiress Rachel Menken was brilliant, but it's interesting to hear that Silverman's friend Jon Hamm thought she would be great for the role.

Keith Olbermann

Olbermann's explanation of his sorrow at Mad Men's impending demise—the show provides a path to memories of his adolescence that'll soon disappear—is actually quite affecting. Perhaps a Netflix binge session of Seasons 1 through 6 would help?

Colin Hanks

Hanks played Father John Gill, the priest at the Olsens' church, which wasn't quite the role he thought he'd get. "Initially, I just wanted to be an ad guy in a suit," he says. "Here's a bunch of baby-faced dudes in suits, that's not a stretch for me."

Kevin Pollack

Mad Men parties aren't anything new, but there's something endearing about Pollack (who was recently killed off on CBS' Mom) dressing up in honor of the show's season premieres.

David O. Russell

For a true appreciation of Mad Men's impeccable visuals, you turn to a director, and Russell's explanation of why the Season 6 finale's last shot is so gorgeous is worth a listen.