What Lies Ahead for These '13 Reasons Why' Characters

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(L-R): Miles Heizer and Dylan Minnette in Netflix's 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why may be one of the most important TV shows for both parents and kids to watch. Touching on teen suicide, sexual assault, drug abuse, self-loathing and pretty much every possible land mine found beneath the halls of high schools for the past 50 years, the phenomenal series—based on Jay Asher's superb young-adult novel—is dark, tragic and bold enough to not give any easy answers or any happy endings.

It is not perfect in its approach; there are myriad reasons why someone may take their life, and the matter of mental health is given only a cursory mention. But the series aims to inform and alleviate some of the stigma, while also leaving us wondering what happens to everyone else after the world got wind of Hannah's tapes and the accusations of their complicity in her death. Would they ever be able to forget the horrors that befell some of them before that tragedy? Was there any chance of learning from their mistakes?

13 Interesting Facts About '13 Reasons Why'

13 Interesting Facts About '13 Reasons Why'

Everything you should know about the Netflix series executive produced by Selena Gomez, and the book that inspired it.

Since we'll never know unless Asher agrees to write a sequel, we decided to look at the key players left in the wake of those fateful cassettes and imagine what may have awaited them after the story faded to black.

Yes, we had some fun with these, but don't think for a second that any of the entries are meant to make light of the major issues addressed in the show. If you ever need someone to talk to, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline is 1-800-273-8255.

Clay Jensen (Dylan Minette)

13 REASONS WHY - Dylan Minette

After finally serving the terms of his multiple groundings, the kid who thought he "cost a girl her life because he was afraid to love her" followed yet another unrequited crush to an Iyanla Vanzant seminar, where he learned how to fix his life and express himself—and not just with the girl, but with his folks, too.

However, those pushovers were so shocked by what he'd been up to that they retreated back into their world of active wear and ornate breakfasts that only drove him further away. Upon graduating, Clay signed a endorsement deal with Beats by Dre and starred in a a series of extreme YouTube videos that showcased his atrocious bicycling skills. At his 10th year high-school reunion, a photo surfaces of Clay actually smiling.

Justin Foley (Brandon Flynn)

13 REASONS WHY - Brandon Flynn

The smallest jock we've ever seen wandered away down an alley with a duffle bag, cash and a side-arm. Given his non-existent family support, inability to stand up to Bryce and general cowardice, there is no way he used the gun and probably wasted the money on Vodka. Most likely, he was headed to gay-for-pay porn, followed by an assistant management gig at a discount tire retailer. On his 21st birthday, Justin's mother realizes that he's gone and crawls back into the hole she belongs in.

Jessica Davis (Alisha Boe)

13 REASONS WHY - Alisha Boe

Now sober and happy, the former cheerleader with a gold medal in horrible life choices becomes a YA icon with her self-confessional memoir of survival, which is then optioned by Freeform as a teen drama set in the glamorous, treacherous world of party-hype teams. VH-1 later hires her to host their reboot of Celebrity Rehab. 

Tony Padilla (Christian Navarro)

13 REASONS WHY - Christian Navarro

Tired of being seen as a tape-delivery service—and terrified by the realization that Ryan was just a low-rent Dustin Lance Black—Clay's gay bud moves out of town with Chloe to open a tattoo-slash-coffee shop called Java, Ink.

Mr. Porter (Derek Luke)

13 REASONS WHY - Derek Luke

The guidance counselor who either missed or ignored all of Hannah's warning signs was finally called before the Board of Education when they realized he'd managed to keep a job that no real high school can actually afford to fill anymore. Paired with the fact that he had only a passing recognition of who Alex was and absolutely no idea how to comfort a sexual-assault victim like Jessica without partially blaming her, Porter eventually lost his position and was last seen working as a greeter at the new ValuPlex.

Sheri Holland (Ajiona Alexus)

13 REASONS WHY - Ajiona Alexus

Sentenced to community service for plowing down the stop sign that led to Jeff's fatal car crash with the old guy, Sheri is now a respected member of the region, where she works as a crossing guard.

Bryce Walker (Justin Prentice)

13 REASONS WHY - Justin Prentice

As a Liberty High star, he thought he could grab women however he wanted, soaked in his privilege as a scion of wealth, and pushed people into alliances that served mostly to protect him from consequences. So...he becomes President of the United States.

Alex Standall (Miles Heizer)

13 REASONS WHY - Miles Heizer

It did not look good for him in the back of that ambulance in episode 12, but we have hope that he survived the self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, came out of the closet to his cop dad (because, come on) and found an incredible therapist who helped him realize that he was possibly the least culpable person on Hannah's tapes. This was a sweet kid who just needed someone to tell him he was OK.

Tyler Down (Devin Druid)

13 REASONS WHY - Devin Druid

In an unaired episode, viewers learned that Tyler wasn't planning a school shooting with that arsenal of weapons in his foot locker, he was simply a Doomsday Prepper but didn't think that was an interesting enough backstory. He is inevitably hired by TMZ to photo-harass celebrities as they leave LAX.

Zach Dempsey (Ross Butler)

13 REASONS WHY - Ross Butler

According to online reports, Mr. Lonelyheart is living under the alias of "Reggie" and pulling the same macho teen-jock b.s. in Riverdale, New York.

Marcus Cole (Steven Silver)

13 Reasons Why - Steven Silver

At a college career fair, he meets a recruiter who notices the young man's penchant for making ominous threats, conspiracy theories and ability to terrorize those he deems weaker. Over milkshakes, an offer is made, and Marcus is soon being trained to become a CIA operative. Three years after, the young man is exposed as a mole because he was still keeping confidential conversations on his phone.

Courtney Crimsen (Michele Selene Ang)

13 REASONS WHY - Michelle Ang

No amount of suffering is good enough for this monster, who was quickly sent to a remote "Pray the Awful Away" camp for hateful she-beasts after her hot dads explained to her that being a lesbian was her only good quality.

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