What's Worth Watching: Jaws Double Feature

Damian Holbrook
Universal Pictures/GettyImages


Jaws & Jaws 2, Saturday, 2/28, 6/5c, AMC

Forget all the Shark Week claims that great whites are "magnificent ocean gods of the deep" or whatever. They are dead-eyed, soulless monsters who eat people trying to have fun in the sun. Anyone who has seen these two flicks—one a classic, the other a serviceable sequel—will agree…while also keeping a safe distance from the surf. Which makes a late February back-to-back screening is the perfect time to revisit the duo: Your chances of actually wading out into the waves are minimal, while still being maximally terrified by the genius of Steven Spielberg's original (show us the shark!) and the popcorny "teens-in-peril" plot of No. 2. They don't make 'em like this anymore. And thank God for that, or we'd never go to the beach.