Parks and Recreation's Beloved B Team: The Pawnee Characters We'll Miss Most

Aly Semigran
Ben Cohen/NBC

Jean-Ralphio Saperstein, Joan Callamezzo, Tom Haverford

After seven seasons, Parks and Recreation is nearing the end of its incredibly funny and heartwarming run. The series leaves behind not only beloved main characters like the fearless Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) and human puppy dog Andy Dwyer (Chris Pratt) and some unforgettable catchphrases ("Treat yo self!", "Lit-rally!"), but also a rich cast of supporting characters from Pawnee all the way to ::shudder:: Eagleton. As we prepare to say goodbye to the comedy, we'd like to honor (in no particular order) some of the bit players who made the world of Parks and Rec so unique.

Perd Hapley

Played by: Jay Jackson

The entry you are reading is about the character Perd Hapley, Pawnee television news host, judge (not a real judge), and noted over-explainer. Perd (full name: Perderic) may not be the most hard-hitting journalist out there, and his movie reviews leave a lot to be desired, but our next statement is really a question: Could you imagine Parks and Rec without Perd? Ya heard?

Jean-Ralphio Saperstein

Played by: Ben Schwartz

Perpetually unemployed and occasionally homeless, Jean-Ralphio would be incredibly annoying in real life; but it's a blast watching Tom's cocky, clueless right-hand man ruin business ventures and freestyle rhymes with equal enthusiasm. His faux-swagger has earned the contempt of pretty much everyone around him (especially Ron Swanson and Donna Meagle), but we can't help but loooo-oooove him.

Mona-Lisa Saperstein

Played by: Jenny Slate

The only person lazier and more offensive than Jean-Ralphio is his spoiled twin sister "from the same mister" Mona-Lisa. (Even Jean-Ralphio once described her as the "woooo-ooooorst.") For a short time, she worked for and dated Tom, almost ruining him and Rent-a-Swag in the process. Her fashion sense is as deranged as her personality and she once faked a pregnancy scare, but just like her Saperstein sibling, she's so over-the-top absurd that we let it slide.

Joan Callamezzo

Played by: Mo Collins

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As Pawnee's premiere media mogul, memoirist, and egomaniac, Joan Callamezzo is a sexual creature who applies her "Gotcha!" journalism tactics while flirting with Tom Haverford and posing for the erotic paintings. Always looking for a scandal (that is, when she isn't embroiled her own) or new books to approve for Joan's Book Club, Ms. Callamezzo is a living legend…and not just in Pawnee.

Tammy Swanson (a.k.a. Tammy 2)

Played by: Megan Mullaly

With all due respect to Tammy 1 (for all we know she could be reading this, and quite frankly we're terrified of her), Tammy 2 is the best of all of Ron's ex-Tammys. A master manipulator, a sexual deviant, and -- worst of all -- a library employee, Tammy 2 is as ruthless and deceitful as she is utterly hilarious. The fact that she's played by Nick Offerman's real-life wife only makes their twisted dynamic that much better.


Played by: Eric Isenhower

Oh, Orin. Always lurking in the shadows, ready to unnerve Ben Wyatt at any moment. When April's creepy goth pal isn't upsetting Leslie with his general lifestyle choices, he's creating performance art like "Human Farm" or non-art art. (As Ron once pointed out to him, "You forgot to paint a painting, son.") Keep your eye out for Orin, even after the show ends... he could be anywhere.

Jen Barkley

Played by: Katherine Hahn

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This no-nonsense campaign manager is a political firecracker who tells you exactly what she's thinking, in that exact moment. (After all, time is money. In fact, as you were reading this, we now owe Jen $10,000 just for mentioning her name.) Jen Barkley is all business and sticks out like a sore thumb whenever she's forced to go back to the humble Pawnee, but it's always great when she does.

Craig Middlebrooks

Played by: Billy Eichner

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Craig didn't earn his nickname "Crazy Craig" for no reason: the guy is always turned up to 11. (Just like Billy Eichner himself.) Still, we can't help but love Eagleton's best and only worthy import, along with his love of wine, best friend Donna, and Keri Russell's hair.


Played by: Andy Forrest

Dammit Kyle, how'd you get on this list? The only person lower on the Pawnee totem pole than Jerry/Garry/Larry/Terry/Garry is Kyle, and that's really saying something. A sad sack of the highest degree, Kyle is either completely invisible to those around him, or the subject of ridicule and scorn. One of the show's best recurring jokes, Kyle is perhaps Pawnee's most pathetic person.

Ethel Beavers

Played by: Helen Slayton-Hughes

The delightfully cranky court stenographer has been there for some of the show's biggest moments, including when Ben and Leslie declared their love for each other. (She is, of course, unfazed by it all, but that's what makes us like her even more.) Ethel has been at this forever and has no time for anyone's crap, but that doesn't mean she still can't bring home dates and win the admiration of April and Andy in the process.

Crazy Ira and The Douche

Played by: Matt Besser and Nick Kroll

The ultimate drive-time radio guys, Crazy Ira and The Douche are certainly obnoxious and crude (poor China Joe, having to put up with them all the time), but they are Pawnee institutions.

And, as much as it pains us to admit this, we'd probably listen to their show on 93.7 way more than the dry Derry Murbles over on WVYS Wamapoke County Public Radio.

Honorable Mention: Li'l Sebastian

Rest in peace, you majestic tiny horse.