Abby Lee Miller: 'Dance Moms' Will Treat Cheryl Burke 'Better' Than Me

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Abby Lee Miller says Dance Moms will treat incoming star Cheryl Burke "better" than her.

The 50-year-old reality star responded in an interview with People to reports that the Dancing with the Stars pro will replace her on the Lifetime series after quitting the show.

Abby Lee Miller Quits 'Dance Moms': I'm Being 'Disrespected and Used'

Abby Lee Miller Quits 'Dance Moms': I'm Being 'Disrespected and Used'

The Lifetime series, which previously featured dancer Maddie Ziegler, is in its seventh season.

"I just know they're going to treat her a hell of a lot better than they treated me, for now," Miller said Wednesday. "Give her six years, they'll talk to her like she's dirt, too."

"I think bringing in a stranger that has a resume is going to be so much more important to them than me [and] the people that have been there for seven years, day in and day out, working our butts off. She'll get all the perks and we'll get all the jerks," she added.

Burke was all smiles Wednesday when she was spotted outside Miller's studio in Los Angeles. The 32-year-old dancer is filling in for Miller following the star's abrupt departure from Dance Moms, according to Entertainment Tonight.

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"I'm very excited to work with the kids," Burke told ET. "Honestly, it's a great change for me. I'm teaching very talented kids."

Dance Moms follows the mostly pre-teen members of Miller's Abby Lee Dance Company, who perform week-to-week in various dance competitions. Miller announced Sunday on Instagram that she's quitting the series.

"For the past six years/seven seasons I have asked, begged and even demanded creative credit for all the ideas, award winning routines, themes, and costuming - to no avail!" she wrote.

"I don't have a problem working with any kid," the star added. "I just have a problem with being manipulated, disrespected, and used - day in and day out by men who never took a dance lesson in their lives and treat women like dirt!"

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Originally published in UPI Entertainment News.