Netflix's New Family Drama Bloodline Looks Very Intense

Oriana Schwindt

Bloodline is Netflix's next big original drama, a family affair about the Rayburn clan and the town in the Florida Keys that they essentially run. The streaming service released a trailer for the series today, and it looks very intense:

To borrow a bit from Bill Hader's beloved Weekend Update character Stefon, this trailer has everything: A woman doing an ethereal version of Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters." Kyle Chandler as an authority figure—in this case, level-headed sheriff John Rayburn. A garden party ruined by the arrival of eldest brother Danny (Ben Mendelsohn). Portentous voiceover about good people doing bad things. The only thing it's missing is Broadway star Norbert Leo Butz (who plays the youngest Rayburn son, Kevin) belting out something from his repertoire, though that might ruin the moody atmosphere the trailer is clearly going for.

Netlflix will drop all 13 episodes of Bloodline's first season on March 20.