What's Worth Watching: Pretty Little Liars

Damian Holbrook
Eric McCandless/ABC Family

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars, "Out, Damned Spot" Tuesday, Feb. 10 8/7c, ABC Family

Part of the fun of PLL is keeping an eye out for "A." Another part is spotting any spark between the girls and the guys who come in and out of Rosewood, then worrying whether one of our favorite couples is in for trouble. So it's safe to say that fans will be freaking out over tonight's episode, which finds two new-ish hunks cozying up to a pair of the Liars. First, it's muscle-bound brainiac Andrew (Brandon Jones) scoring time with Aria after he agrees to tutor her, then it's sexy artist Jonny (Will Bradley) helping Spencer get her mind off the anxiety of waiting for her college acceptance letters. Granted, this could all be innocent action, but let's be real: This is PLL. Nothing is ever what it looks like. So prepare yourselves, Ezria and Spoby devotees. This could be the start of a very bumpy ride.