Binge-Watchers are More Likely to be Lonely and Depressed, Study Finds

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Binge-watchers are more likely to be lonely and depressed, study finds
Researchers at University of Texas at Austin surveyed 316 viewers between the ages of 18 and 29 to come to their conclusion. As Newsweek notes, the researchers “discovered a correlation between binge-watching and loneliness, depression, and having self-regulation deficiency, which is an inability to control compulsions.”

Letterman apologizes for calling James Corden a “tubby kid”
On last night’s Late Show, David Letterman recounted how he got an early morning angry call from Corden’s Late Late Show producer complaining about Dave’s comments on Tuesday’s Regis Philbin-hosted Late Late Show about Corden being a “tubby kid” and a “chubby kid.” “From the bottom of my heart, I apologize for calling the kid tubby,” said Letterman. PLUS: Ben Schwartz returns to Letterman a decade after serving as a Late Show page.

Bravo renews Top Chef for Season 13
The long-running reality show will be back in the fall.

Downton Abbey is not ending after Season 6
The ITV series is shooting down a report that Julian Fellowes is ending Downton Abbey. “We have had this speculation for years, since Series 2 in fact,” the show said via its PR firm.

Empire’s ratings hit another high
About 11.3 million tuned in for last night’s episode.

Late Late Show guest-host Whitney Cummings jokes about being the rare female in late-night
“Women are mostly found in daytime TV,” said Cummings, on the first of her two-night guest-hosting stint. “I personally would never want to do a daytime show because I look better at night, and I can’t cook.” PLUS: Cummings tries to out-Fallon, Fallon.

Watch the full Snickers Brady Bunch Super Bowl ad starring Danny
The ad features a surprise cameo.

Nickelodeon is getting a standalone video subscription service
Nick wouldn’t reveal any additional details of the service, which is launching in February.

Agent Carter confirms a connection with Black Widow
The showrunners talked about suspicions from this week’s episode.

Black Mirror: The movie?
Creator Charlie Brooker says: “I’d love to make a film ultimately.”

Comcast renames a customer “A—hole Brown” for trying to cancel cable
When Ricardo Brown and his wife Lisa tried to cancel their cable service, they began receiving monthly statements under the name “A—hole Brown.”

What last night’s The Americans‘ opening shot tells us about this season
Here’s how the opening sets Season 3 in motion. PLUS: Frank Langella fits in seamlessly.

Flight of the Conchords are planning a U.S. tour
Jemaine Clement says he and Bret McKenzie may tour the States in the fall. “It isn’t very solid yet,” he adds, “but we’ve been talking about it.”

MSNBC will have its own Super Bowl special, with a Katy Perry cameo
Morning Joe at Night is set for Friday night, featuring guests Perry, Chris Matthews and the mayors of Seattle and Boston.