‘Love Island USA’ Fans Rally for Kendall to Be Eliminated: ‘Get Him Out’

Kendall and Kordell on 'Love Island USA' Season 6
Kim Nunneley / Peacock

Kendall is still in the running to win Love Island USA Season 6, and a legion of fans are not happy about it. After what went down at Casa Amor, Kendall has found himself on the wrong side of the Season 6 fandom.

The way he’s handled the Serena and Kordell drama when Daia entered the picture has not been received well. After Kordell and Daia hit it off at Casa Amor, despite his coupling with Serena, Kendall encouraged Kordell to explore a connection with Daia and leave Serena behind.

Kendall didn’t stop there. One moment he was speaking negatively about Serena to Kordell, and the next he was trying to be all buddy-buddy with Serena. This behavior has not gone unnoticed, and fans want to see Kendall out of the villa. Some have made it their mission for him not to win. He’s currently coupled up with Nicole, but nothing is set in stone on Love Island USA. See some of the fan reactions below.

Despite Kendall’s seemingly ulterior motives, Kordell and Serena just can’t seem to quit each other. In TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek of the July 9 episode, Kordell and Serena have an emotional chat. “I f**ked up. I’m trying to do the right thing,” Kordell says to Serena.

Kendall could be getting a dose of karma for how he’s inserted himself into the drama. During Movie Night, Kendall gets called out for laughing at what’s unfolding on the screen. Serena appears to call him “messy” in front of everyone. “These are people’s feelings you’re playing with,” Serena says in her confessional. “Sometimes it’s just okay to shut up.” Let him have it, Serena!

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