The Walking Dead: The 9 Most Memorable Villains (PHOTOS)

Joseph Allen
The Walking Dead

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Worse Than Walkers?

The Walking Dead's had its fair share of villains over the years, and their crimes have varied wildly. Some of them are run-of-the-mill murderers, while others committed far more devious acts. With the sixth season coming to a close, and the introduction of Negan, one of Dead's greatest villains, it's time to look back at some of the show's biggest baddies. We'll refresh you on each character's most notable kills, and the worst thing they did during their time on the show.

The Walking Dead, David Morrissey

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The Governor

Kills: Lieutenant Welles, Axel, Merle Dixon, Hershel Greene
Killed By: Michonne
Manner of Death: Stabbed Through the back
Most Villainous Deed: Cutting the head off poor, helpless Hershel in front of his daughters
Played by: David Morrissey

The Walking Dead, Jon Bernthal

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Shane Walsh

Kills: Otis, Randall
Killed by: Rick Grimes
Manner of Death: Stabbed in the Heart
Most Villainous Deed: Shooting Otis in the leg and leaving him for dead in order to save his own life
Played by: Jon Bernthal

The Walking Dead, Michael Rooker

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Merle Dixon

Kills: Gargulio, Wilson
Killed by: The Governor
Manner of Death: Shot in the Chest
Most Villainous Deed: Torturing Glenn after he’s captured in Woodbury
Played by: Michael Rooker

The Walking Dead, Brighton Sharbino

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Lizzie Samuels

Kills: Alisha, Mika Samuels
Killed by: Carol Peletier
Manner of Death: Shot in the Back
Most Villainous Deed: Killing her own sister to fulfill her own delusions
Played by: Brighton Sharbino

The Walking Dead, Jeff Kober

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Joe and The Claimers

Kills: None on screen
Killed By: Rick Grimes
Manner of Death: Throat bitten out
Most Villainous Moment: Almost convincing others that his winner-take-all philosophy was the only way to survive in the apocalypse
Played by: Jeff Kober

The Walking Dead, Andrew J. West

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Kills: Several Hostages
Killed by: Rick Grimes
Manner of Death: Fingers shot off, then hacked to death
Most Villainous Deed: Eating Bob’s leg without killing Bob first
Played by: Andrew J. West

The Walking Dead, Chris Coy

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Kills: None on screen
Killed by: Sasha
Manner of Death: Stabbed
Most Villainous Deed: His lengthy conversation with Tyrese about the futility of being good in the zombified world
Played by: Chris Coy

The Walking Dead, Cullen Moss

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Officer Gorman

Kills: None on screen
Killed by: Beth Greene
Manner of Death: Devoured by a walker
Most Villainous Deed: His repeated sexual assault of women he was supposed to be protecting
Played by: Cullen Moss

The Walking Dead, Corey Brill

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Pete Anderson

Kills: Reg Monroe
Killed by: Rick Grimes
Manner of Death: Execution via gunpoint
Most Villainous Deed: Drunkenly slicing Reg’s neck, proving how dangerous he was to Alexandria
Played by: Corey Brill

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