The 7 Fall TV Couples We Can't Stop Rooting For (PHOTOS)

Katherine Myers


Happily Ever After?

Viewers love shipping and watching the romantic tension between Will They or Won’t They couples on TV. When the love is good, it’s epic (cheers: Jim & Pam) but when it’s bad, it’s tragic (tears: Juliet & Sawyer).

For the crop of new fall shows, there are plenty of couples with long-term potential but who must face plenty of hurdles first before getting their over version of happily ever after. Some of them are just getting to know each other while others are already in marriages (that may or may not work out). Only time will tell which short- and long-term romances will keep us watching and hoping. Here’s a look at the latest love connections we're already rooting for to last.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Vincent Rodriguez III, Rachel Bloom

Greg Gayne/The CW

Rebecca Bunch & Josh Chan

Played By: Rachel Bloom and Vincent Rodriguez III
Show: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (The CW)

Love Connection: Bloom bumps into her ex-boyfriend Josh and decides to chase her dreams of romance by moving cross country to win him back. So what if Josh has no idea and has a girlfriend already? (And if another guy has eyes only for an oblivious Rachel?) This ship is for every girl who’s ever fallen head-over-heels in love with an unrequited crush, and who (may or may not have) been called crazy.

Love Troubles: Possible restraining orders, Josh’s super-hot girlfriend, Greg’s unrequited crush on Rachel

Plus: (Video) Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Is Ready to Belt It Out for Love

SCREAM QUEENS, Skyler Samuels.,Diego Boneta

Patti Perret/FOX

Grace Gardner & Pete Martinez

Played By: Skylar Samuels and Diego Boneta
Show: Scream Queens (FOX)

Love Connection: When there's a serial killing Red Devil on the lose, the only way to survive is together. And this attractive, (seemingly) innocent pair improves their chances as the only two non-crazies on campus, which means viewers actually want to root for them, too.

Love Troubles: Psychopath serial killer on the loose, Greek politics (not the bailout kind), mean sorority girls

Plus: (Video) How the Scream Queens Cast Would Survive a Slasher Situation

Muppets, Kermit, Miss Piggy

Eric McCandless/ABC

Kermit & Miss Piggy

Show: The Muppets (ABC)

Love Connection: The power couple has been together for so long that it’s weird to think they’ve actually broken up. Sure, they may be dating other people (for now), but maybe absence will make the heart grow fonder. Opposites attract, and they're also the mom and dad of the entire Muppet family, so it would be great to see them work towards getting back together.

Love Troubles: Piggy’s diva behavior, Kermit's current girlfriend Denise in marketing, office tension and politics

Plus: (Video) How Miss Piggy and Kermit Manage to Get Along

Morris Chestnut, ROSEWOOD, Jaina Lee Ortiz

Tyler Golden/FOX

Dr. Beaumont Rosewood, Jr. and Detective Annalise Villa

Played By: Morris Chestnut and Jaina Lee Ortiz
Show: Rosewood (FOX)

Love Connection: They’re a dream crime-solving team in white hot Miami. His medical expertise plus her detective chops equals more than enough co-worker-turned-lover banter to keep us happy all season long. Plus, YOLO factor: Rosewood has a heart condition that means he only has another 10 years to live.

Love Troubles: Rosewood's cardiology issues, competing crime theories, Ortiz's fist

Plus: (Video) Rosewood Plans to Live Every Day Like the Last Day

Cristin Milioti, Patrick Wilson, Fargo

Chris Large/FX, Mathias Clamer/FX

Lou & Betsy Solverson

Played By: Patrick Wilson and Cristin Milioti
Show: Fargo (FX)

Love Connection: Lou and Betsy are already married, but the course of true love never does run smooth, as Shakespeare says. Betsy’s father, Hank (Ted Danson), is Sheriff Lou’s boss, so we’re already rooting for Lou to prove his mettle by taking care of Betsy as she bravely battles cancer. Tissue-factor: check. Plus, we could really use a warm and fuzzy win in this otherwise violent, icy tundra.

Love Troubles: The Big C (as in cancer), murderous mobsters, unromantic ‘70s sweaters

Plus: A Who's Who of Fargo Season 2 Characters | (Video) The Cast on Their Fave Fargo Phrases

Life in Pieces, Zoe Lister-Jones, Colin Hanks

Richard Cartwright/CBS

Greg & Jen Short

Played By: Colin Hanks and Zoe Lister-Jones
Show: Life in Pieces (CBS)

Love Connection: Like Lou and Betsy Solverson, the Shorts are (for the most part) blissfully married. But as new parents, their union may be pushed to the limit. A demanding baby and a dearth of sex can make anyone unhappy. Still, Hanks and Lister-Jones somehow make an adorable, whipsmart pair who works well together in an otherwise zany family.

Love Troubles: New parent woes (like lack of sleep, too many diapers, breastfeeding troubles), lack of date nights, kooky over-involved relatives,

Plus: (Video) Life in Pieces Cast on Their "Short" Family Stories

Red Oaks

Ali Goldstein/Amazon

David & Skye

Played By: Craig Roberts and Alexandra Socha

Show: Red Oaks (Amazon)

Love Connection: For the sheer triumph of awkward, we’re pulling for these two. If anyone can find love in this hopelessly yet hilariously uncomfortable world, it should be these two. Dweeby David deserves to swing out of his league and score.

Love Troubles: Awkward social skills, short shorts, creepy dads

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