What’s Worth Watching: Quantico on ABC for Sunday, December 13

Matt Roush

Quantico, “Inside” (Sunday, Dec. 13, 10/9c, ABC)

After weeks of red herrings, and more secrets spilled among this freshman FBI class of sexy trainees than most ordinary soap operas would consider seemly, Quantico promises to reveal at last the identity of the terrorists behind the Grand Central Station bombing. (Turns out just about everyone knew all along that Alex Parrish, played by bombshell Priyanka Chopra, wasn’t really the culprit, and that was just a ruse to smoke out the real bad guys.)

Quantico has been a fun, if at times fairly ridiculous, ride in its first season, blurring the lines between procedural and bodice-ripper as it often seems more fascinated in its shady characters’ romantic antics than in the big whodunit. And so it goes in the “winter finale,” as the Quantico flashback finds the trainees taking their own holiday hiatus, but not without more troubling reveals among the recruits. In real time, the dilemma may be less about the terrorists showing themselves than the much-talked-about second bomb lurking somewhere in New York City. Consider this a cliffhanger alert, because Quantico isn’t scheduled to return with new episodes until March 6.